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    by Published on 24th May 2011 15:26     Number of Views: 10804 

    Welcome to the forum a place where we endeavour to post all the latest news about up and coming figurines and company events, along with this there is also a link to Facebook which is where we will host all of our picture galleries from events of the past and indeed the future, with also any others we find appropriate. This again from a media perspective gives the collector even more scope to become involved within what we feel is really a Hobby and Interest to all of us. At the very least it makes life a little more interesting.

    We all live in a smaller world now, brought even closer together with the internet and we have felt for a long time we need certain avenues to allow us to shout about our work and bring it to the attention of the wider global community. I'm sure once all of you have got used to the new layouts you will discover overtime it will be an excellent place to idle away the minutes or hours. Please feel free to produce your own footage or indeed pictures 'we will all look forward to it'.

    All the best MattB.